Archive: 31 2023

Happy Halloween

👻 Boo! As the nights grow darker and the shadows lengthen, may your Halloween be filled with sweet treats, spine-tingling adventures, and magical moments! Embrace the spookiness and have a fa-BOO-lous time. Happy Halloween! 🍬🕸️🦇

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Our Planning And Urban Design Team

 At Landform Professional Services, LLC, we’re dedicated to bringing community visions to life in Minneapolis and beyond. Our collaborative approach involves partnering with local communities and government bodies to realize each community’s unique aspirations. Whether through concentrated planning, bespoke design efforts, or seamless integration as consultant planners and designers within city teams, our commitment […]

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Our LiDAR Team Can Save You Time And Money On Your Projects

A Letter From Our President, Mr. Darren Lazan “LiDAR is the future, and we’ve embraced it.” I am thrilled to announce a significant investment in our Aerial Operations capabilities with the introduction of state-of-the-art LiDAR drone technology. This advanced tool will revolutionize how we offer topographic services, ensuring greater accuracy, increased efficiency, and unparalleled data insights […]

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