Strengths-Based Organization

Landform is a strengths-based organization.  All employees take the Clifton StrengthsFinder as part of orientation, identifying talent themes as strengths.  We work with employees to build these five dominant talents into strengths, allowing each person to be their best self.

By building teams of quality people doing their best in talent areas, Landform provides a challenging and engaging work environment that allows teams and individuals to excel.


Alexander A.
Alexia H., EIT
Austen A., PE
Betty H.
Office Lead
Chris C., PE
Senior Designer
Chris O.
C.A. / Designer
Daniel L., EIT
David E.
Marketing Lead
Dawson S.
Eric L., MBA, PE
Studio Lead
Fred V.
Construction Administrator
Jon K.
Crew Chief
John O.
Josh P., RLA, ASLA
Senior Designer
Kevin S., AICP
Associate, Planning Lead
Kevin W.
Technology Lead
Larry H., RLS
Senior Surveyor
Liam F.
Crew Chief
Liz P.
Accounting Lead
Lynn C., RLS
Senior Surveyor
Mathew S.
Field Technician
Paul R.
Survey Coordinator
Sabrina N.
Taylor K.
Survey Technician
Ted L.
Construction Administrator
Terry H.
Field Technician
Tom M., PE
Associate, Project Lead