Infiltration Testing

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Our professionals can minimize the impact on your site.

Effectively designing, building, and managing modern stormwater treatment facilities requires precisely understanding your soil’s infiltration capacity.  Landform’s team of experienced professionals now offer on-site infiltration testing for our clients, contractors, and property managers.

Infiltration testing via the Modified Philip Dunne (MPD) process is a simple way to measure how well water soaks into proposed or existing treatment basins on a construction site or existing residential, retail, or mixed-use site.  In less than half the cost of traditional double-ring infiltration testing and in one-quarter the time (test results are typically in 30 to 60 minutes), our construction professionals can determine if the basin can effectively handle rainwater runoff as designed.

Verification of these conditions is most often a condition to facilitate city/watershed acceptance and surety reduction on new construction sites or is required to be completed annually to monitor the continued effective rates relative to the design criteria and determine when maintenance may be due.

We can also conduct these tests before final grading to confirm infiltration before underground utility installation or pond bottoms conditioned for vegetation.  This proactive approach helps ensure your ponds function as intended prior to those improvements, avoiding potential delays or costly rework later in the project when options for resolution may be limited.

This is particularly useful for construction managers, developers, and property owners who are responsible for managing stormwater basins.

Ready to ensure your ponds function as designed?  Contact us today to schedule a cost-effective infiltration test, or check out our Top 10 Benefits Of Infiltration Testing.