Drone Operations

yellowscan-mapperplus-m300-UAVLandform’s Drone/Aerial Operations team comprises industry-leading FAA Part 107-certified commercial drone pilots.

Our team combines the latest, innovative drone technology by DJI and YellowScan LiDAR with top-notch industry software to produce the premium content our clients seek.

Whether your needs are to enhance your marketing, survey grade topography, thermal sensing, 3D modeling, site comparison, or more, the Landform Drone/Aerial Operations team can significantly save your company time and money on your project. 


The Landform’s Drone/Aerial Operations Team aims to partner with your marketing efforts and provide stunning imagery. Landform’s team can capture incredibly detailed photographs and beautiful, panoramic photos. This allows your company to show your site in meaningful and creative ways.

Not only do we offer photography services but video footage as well. Our Drone/Aerial Operations Team can fly our drones around your site with the ability to create seamless videos and a time-lapse of your project. This is valuable for aesthetics and allows your company & clients to see the project’s progression through real-time, high-definition photography.

AVA, an innovative modular home builder in Albertville, MN, explored our drone operations services to document the progression of their new facility and more.  You can see photos and videos on their website HERE.

Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Costco Wholesale in St Cloud, Minnesota


Our team can use drones to fly over a site and create high-definition, extremely accurate, real-time aerial photography for a survey of large, underdeveloped sites or farmland. Our drone survey services differ from regular survey suppliers because we integrate drone data with experienced survey professionals and accurate survey-grade equipment to provide more efficient work without sacrificing accuracy.

Orthomosaic aerial image at Petersen Farms in Andover, Minnesota


Landform’s Drone/Aerial Operations Team can work with your company to save significant time on your project. Our drones offer the opportunity to quickly and accurately measure stockpile volumes, track earthwork throughout your site, and create grading as-builts more quickly and accurately than traditional survey methods. Our team links drone ground control points (GCP) to our survey-grade equipment to ensure our drone data is reliable and accurate. Our drone work brings efficiency to your project by no longer needing two separate companies for drone and survey work, as all our survey crews are FAA Part 107 certified commercial drone pilots. We can also ensure the accuracy of our drones because these experienced surveyors are the ones running the flights.

Earthwork analysis and stockpile volumes at Locke Park Pointe in Fridley, Minnesota

Site Comparison

Our team can use professional-grade drones as a tool to fly over a site and create high-definition photography for a photo slider comparison of large projects. Our drone survey services integrate data with experienced survey professionals and proper survey-grade equipment to provide more efficient work without sacrificing accuracy.

Orthomosaic aerial photo comparison at Avienda in Chanhassen, Minnesota