Our Planning And Urban Design Team

At Landform Professional Services, LLC, we’re dedicated to bringing community visions to life in Minneapolis and beyond. Our collaborative approach involves partnering with local communities and government bodies to realize each community’s unique aspirations.

Whether through concentrated planning, bespoke design efforts, or seamless integration as consultant planners and designers within city teams, our commitment is to discover and serve the distinctive needs of each locale. Our mission goes beyond planning; it’s about fitting into your community’s fabric and helping to weave a future that reflects your values and ambitions.

Led by our Principal Planner, Kendra Lindahl, our Planning and Urban Design team is adept at striking the perfect balance between practicality and creativity, ensuring our solutions are innovative and actionable. We believe in clear, collaborative processes that enhance community policies and strengthen local relationships.

With extensive experience across the Twin Cities metro area and greater Minnesota, we’ve built enduring relationships that stand as a testament to our ability to serve communities effectively. We’re not just planners; we’re your partners in building a legacy of well-thought-out and sustainable urban spaces.

Join us in creating environments where people love to live, work, and thrive today.