The Meadows at Petersen Farms

Andover, Minnesota
Client Name
JD Andover Holdings, LLC
Completion Year

Site Plan Rendering of The Meadows at Petersen FarmsLandform is excited to share the second phase of Petersen Farms’ newest development: The Meadows – nestled between two large acreage wetland complexes, each with its unique ecological systems.

Featuring a large Coniferous Tamarack Bog lies to the east, while an even more extensive freshwater emergent wetland and shallow marsh lie to the west – The Meadows seeks to enhance the quality of homeowner’s lives with the quiet neighborhood and natural surroundings.

The Landform team repurposed existing materials at the development site to create woodchip trails, giving residents access to the gorgeous wetland complexes across the entire Planned Unit Development.

Working closely with the County & City, the Landform team improved safety at existing and proposed intersections.

In addition to using Low Impact Design (LID) techniques, preserving natural wetland and forested features was the driving force behind the site’s curvilinear design.

Stormwater facilities throughout the site also provide additional natural buffer space between adjacent homes.

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