Trees For The Future

trees landscape architecture landform minneapolis minnesota elk river sustainable sustainability greenOur award-winning landscape architecture team perceives trees not merely as aesthetic elements but as integral parts of the landscape architecture design puzzle that intertwine the threads of sustainability, biodiversity, and human wellness. With an exceptional understanding of local ecology and a vision for greener futures, we skillfully weave arboreal assets into our design narratives. Each project is an opportunity to construct thriving urban ecosystems that foreground trees, recognizing their indispensable role in cleansing air, sequestering carbon, and offering shelter to urban wildlife, all while enhancing the beauty of the built environment.

Our SensiblyGreen® approach to integrating trees into our designs is deeply rooted in scientific research and an intimate understanding of our local flora. We harness the power of native species to bolster resilience and support biodiversity, always considering the tree’s life cycle, its size at maturity, and its symbiotic relationship with local wildlife. We strive to maximize trees’ benefits, from mitigating urban heat islands to stabilizing soil and controlling stormwater runoff. Our commitment is to create landscapes that foster human and ecological health, capitalizing on the myriad services that trees can provide.

But we are not content to merely incorporate trees into our landscapes; we aim to revolutionize how urban dwellers interact with these crucial organisms. Our projects, like The Ascent at Top of the Hill in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, often emphasize the educational potential of the landscape, offering informational signage and using unique design elements to draw attention to trees’ indispensable role in our ecosystem. Through creative uses of space, lighting, and infrastructure, we’re enabling trees to become focal points, sparking conversation and inspiring a greater appreciation for our natural world. By making trees not just a background but an engaging, interactive part of our urban fabric, we’re cultivating a sustainable future – one project at a time from Site to Finish®.