Tesla Lake Elmo Minnesota

tesla lake elmo minnesota landform civil engineer landscape architecture urban planning land surveyor drone operator sustainability site planning green living sensibly green eco friendlyWe are very excited to share how Landform is critical in Tesla‘s latest initiative: launching a new dealership in Lake Elmo, MN.
Landform’s award-winning, expert team is tasked with site planning, landscape design, and civil engineering services for this project with Drake Real Estate Services. Our adept urban design skills and innovative sustainable strategies will ensure that the dealership harmoniously integrates with the local environment, providing a facility that mirrors Tesla’s forward-thinking approach to energy and transportation.
Landform’s commitment to our sustainable, SensiblyGreen® design principles aligns perfectly with Tesla’s own ethos, creating a synergy that will truly benefit the Lake Elmo community.
Tesla’s new dealership will provide local access to their groundbreaking electric vehicles and be a vibrant hub for eco-conscious education and community engagement.
Landform’s design will include green spaces, pedestrian-friendly walkways, and innovative stormwater management systems to enhance water quality and the environment.
This development will elevate the community, reinforcing Lake Elmo’s commitment to sustainable growth and introducing new opportunities for local employment and economic prosperity.
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