Lunch And Learn With ADS

lunch learn ads civil engineer land surveyor landscape architect urban planner drone operator minneapolis minnesota elk river landformOne of the many benefits of being on Landform’s team is we’re constantly seeking new ways to boost our knowledge and productivity. And, what better way than with a Lunch & Learn – where everyone can enjoy a delicious meal while exploring new ideas, products, or skills! 🥪📚

Our latest session with Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. in Hopkins, Minnesota, covered Low Impact Design (LID) innovations in stormwater treatment for urban landscapes. These advancements will help our team reduce maintenance costs on our client’s projects and improve stormwater quality.

Plus, they brought boxed lunches from Red Cow that featured premium sandwiches. Can we say yum!

At Landform, we believe in building camaraderie, fostering innovation, and enhancing professional growth in a relaxed environment. Invest in success – one bite at a time! 🌟

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