Lunch And Learn Level Up

brown bag lunch learn civil engineer land surveyor landscape architect elk river minneapolis minnesota team building drone operator urban planner minnesotaBoosting Our Skills with Lunch and Learns: Mastering Landform Standards and Clear Annotations

We had a fantastic time at our recent lunch and learn, a testament to the collaborative spirit of our team! Here’s the lowdown on how this midday knowledge session, powered by boxed lunches from The Simple Sandwich, supercharged the Landform team:

In this most recent event, Senior Designer Chris in the Retail and Commercial Design Studio led the team to dig into Landform standards, plan examples (the good, the bad, and the ugly!), and the art of crystal-clear labelling and notes.  Clarity is king when it comes to keeping contractors and teammates on the same page!

We’re big fans of hosting lunch-and-learn events. They’re not just informative; they’re cheat codes for smoother projects and happier teams. They’re the perfect way to keep everyone’s skills sharp and knowledge fresh, directly benefiting our work and team dynamics.