Special Happy Hour

happy hour bbq promotion civil engineer urban planner landform minneapolis minnesota land surveyor landscape architect drone operator teamEach month, we come together for our happy hour event to celebrate not just our victories and achievements but each team member’s tireless efforts and commitment that makes these successes possible.

The cornerstones of Landform’s success lie in the synergy of teamwork, the spark of innovation, and their unwavering dedication. The unique talents of our team members, along with their unceasing efforts, are essential to Landform’s continuous rise to excellence. In every task, be it a project, meeting, or even a daily routine, the diligence and commitment of each individual stand out, guiding us progressively towards our collective goal.

One of the defining characteristics of Landform is the vast potential for growth and the countless opportunities for individuals to advance in their careers. This month, we are thrilled to celebrate the promotions of two exemplary team members, our Planning Lead, Kevin, in our Planning and Urban Design Studio, and our Project Lead, Tom, in our Retail and Commercial Design Studio.

Their journey to Associate in their new roles is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion. They’ve proven that with determination, skill, and a spirit of collaboration, significant career advancements are not just possible but a reality. Their promotions are a beacon for all our team members, demonstrating that everyone at Landform has the potential to form their team, their path, and their future.

We are incredibly proud of Kevin and Tom. Please join us in our excitement as we witness their continued growth and contributions in their new roles.

If you want to join an award-winning team where the sky is the limit, check out the opportunities on our Careers page today.