Revolutionizing the Business Location Landscape

Advanced Volumetric Alliance Landform Albertville Minnesota Civil Engineer Urban Planner Land Survey Landscape Architect Drone PhotographerHow Landform’s Services Can Drive Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business world, the dynamics of offices and companies’ locations have dramatically evolved. The pandemic has accelerated remote work and hybrid trends, leading to a shift in the demand for warehouses and industrial buildings. At Landform, we are excited to share how our comprehensive services in land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning, and aerial operations can play a pivotal role in helping companies streamline creating and moving into these crucial spaces.

The Changing Landscape of Business Locations
The COVID-19 pandemic triggered profound changes in how businesses operate. Remote work and hybrid work have become the norm for many companies, leading to a reassessment of traditional office spaces. Simultaneously, the e-commerce boom has driven an increased need for warehousing and logistics facilities, transforming the landscape of business locations. Companies are now seeking industrial spaces that are strategically positioned for efficient distribution, and this is where Landform can make a significant impact.

The Landform Advantage
1. Land Surveying:  Our expert land surveying services are the foundation of any successful project. We provide accurate and comprehensive land surveys that give businesses a clear understanding of a site’s terrain, topography, and potential challenges. This information is invaluable in making informed decisions about site selection, zoning compliance, and project feasibility.
2. Civil Engineering:  Landform’s civil engineering expertise ensures that your industrial project is functional and cost-effective. We design infrastructure that supports efficient operations, from transportation networks to utility systems. Our solutions are sustainable and tailored to the unique needs of your project, enhancing productivity and reducing long-term operational costs.
3. Landscape Architecture:  Our landscape architecture services go beyond aesthetics; they focus on creating environments that promote sustainability and well-being. Landform designs outdoor spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional. These spaces can enhance employee satisfaction, improve property value, and contribute to a company’s brand image.
4. Urban Planning:  Effective urban planning is essential for optimizing business locations. Landform’s urban planning services help companies identify strategic areas for industrial development, considering factors like accessibility, transportation links, and future growth potential. We work closely with local authorities to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and land use policies.
5. Aerial Operations: Whether you need to enhance your marketing, survey grade topography, thermal sensing, 3D modeling, orthomosaic, photography, site comparison, or more, our aerial operations team has nearly 60 years of combined experience and the best equipment that can significantly save your company time and money on your project.

The Benefits for Your Business

By choosing Landform’s integrated services, your company can achieve the following benefits:
1. Cost Efficiency:  Our comprehensive approach minimizes costly setbacks, ensuring your industrial project stays on budget and on schedule.
2. Competitive Advantage:  Strategically located industrial spaces can give your business a competitive edge in reaching customers and streamlining distribution.
3. Sustainability:  Our sustainable designs benefit the environment and improve your company’s reputation and bottom line.
4. Compliance and Peace of Mind:  Our zoning and regulatory compliance expertise ensures a smooth approval process, reducing delays and legal risks.


The landscape of business locations is evolving, and companies need innovative solutions to adapt and thrive in this new environment. Landform’s SensiblyGreen® approach in land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning and aerial operations services offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses make informed decisions, optimize operations, and stay competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

If you want to confidently create or move into warehouses and industrial buildings, consider partnering with Landform. We’re here to support your journey towards success in the ever-changing world of business locations. Together, we can form the future of your company’s growth and prosperity while saving you time and money.