Wabasha Riverfront Site Planning

Wabasha, Minnesota
Client Name
Wabasha Port Authority
Completion Year

The Wabasha Port Authority organized the Riverfront Task Force in 2014 to study and make recommendations for an undeveloped parcel located along the Mississippi River and adjacent to the National Eagle Center (NEC). The desire to evaluate opportunities for the parcel became a priority with news from the NEC about future expansion.

In early 2015, the Riverfront Task Force engaged the planning, design and development expertise of Landform to facilitate Task Force coordination, development of parcel concepts and developer feedback on the task force goals for the site.

A fast-paced investigative project was organized into three parts: Brainstorm, Concept and Recommend in order to give the Task Force the tools they needed to make long-term development recommendations for the site to the Wabasha City Council.

Project Highlights:

  • Site Investigation & Graphic Analysis
  • Small Group Facilitation
  • Conceptual Massing Study and Precedent Research
  • A Community Showcase Luncheon and Developer Forum
  • Project Summary Report with prioritized next steps and programming precedents

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