New Richmond Zoning & Subdivision

New Richmond, Wisconsin
Client Name
City of New Richmond
Completion Year

Landform was selected to help the City of New Richmond prepare a new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. The City wanted to update these ordinances make them easier to read, understand and implement. The City’s original goal was to develop a form-based code, but based on community feedback chose to develop a hybrid code with form-based elements.

The goal was to create a document with more graphics and streamlined text. We also used this opportunity to update the City ordinances to be consistent with recent State law changes, including how variances and non-conformities are addressed. Landform facilitated a subcommittee of key stakeholders that met throughout the project and helped develop the new ordinances. We worked with the City to develop area master plans for the City’s gateway corridors to provide direction to landowners and developers about the City’s vision for these neighborhoods.

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