Infiltration Testing

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Introducing Landform’s latest innovation: on-site infiltration testing via the Modified Philip Dunne (MPD) process! Our experienced professionals bring you a precise, cost-effective, and timely solution to measure how well water soaks into your proposed or existing treatment basins.  Designed for modern stormwater management, this cutting-edge testing method delivers accurate results in just 30 to 60 minutes, ensuring your basin can handle rainwater runoff as designed.

This essential service facilitates city and watershed acceptance, aids surety reduction on new construction sites, and supports annual monitoring of existing sites.  Conducted before final grading, our testing confirms infiltration before underground utility installation, guaranteeing your ponds function as intended.  Avoid potential delays and costly rework with Landform’s proactive approach, designed to benefit construction managers, developers, and property owners alike.

Learn more or contact us to schedule an infiltration test to ensure your stormwater basins function effectively today.