Canada Day

canada day planning urban design landform minnesota civil engineer landscape architect land surveyor elk river minneapolis drone operator#CanadaDay is upon us! Raising a toast to our neighbors to the north, whose hearts are as broad as their breathtaking landscapes and as sturdy as their majestic pines.
Did you know? Our Planning & Urban Design studio expert, Nicholas, hails from Canada and shared some must-visit spots:
  • Georgian Bay boasts the world’s largest freshwater archipelago with 30,000 islands!
  • Drumheller, nestled in the Canadian badlands, is famous for hoodoo rocks and dinosaur fossils.
  • Calgary is not just Nicholas’s alma mater but also a globally recognized city to live in and visit!
From sea to sea, here’s to celebrating the splendor that is Canada! 🍁🇨🇦
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