Kendra Lindahl, Danyelle Pierquet, Mary Matze

Studio Leadership:
Kendra Lindahl, AICP, Principal
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Planning & Urban Design Studio

Memorable places don’t just happen.

We work with local communities and government agencies to develop their vision and provide the research and support to guide decision-making. We work with these clients to develop the plans and ordinances to implement these goals and design infrastructure projects that make the vision a reality.

Our planners, engineers and landscape architects blend design talent, technical skills and extensive experience that guides our clients toward their vision for their future. We understand the regional planning issue and the site development issues and we help our clients understand the market conditions to develop successful projects.

We build enduring relationships with our clients by taking responsibility for their success. These relationships are founded on communication and trust. Effective communication begins with an understanding of the audience and developing a means to clearly convey the message. Good communication leads to collaborative solutions. The process begins with shared information and common understanding and leads to relationships and trust.

Unleashing the power of relationships and trust leads to shared ideas and sustainable solutions.


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